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Mimi Vold

Founder & CEO

Every business will reach inflection points where change is inevitable. When companies grow to a certain point and the things that used to work no longer do – that’s an inflection point.

While each business is unique, midsized businesses in particular, define as 50-100 employees, face a unique set of challenges. These businesses are too small to be big but are too big to be small. It is at that 50+ employees milestone that things fail to scale and founders worry about decline in growth due to insufficient operating processes and talent implications. These companies need help.

It has been our experience that these businesses while they have opportunities to grow via acquisition, open new markets, or launch new products, none of these strategic initiatives can be achieved without a sound foundation of People infrastructure to support it. When a company transitions from small to midsized, People Operation is one of the first things that fails to scale.

VOLD INC has a simple focus – create operational value to help midsized businesses grow past these inflection points. We do this by addressing two universal needs these companies face: hiring better talent and develop greater People operational expertise.