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Mimi Vold

Founder & CEO

Every business will reach inflection points where change is inevitable. When companies grow to a certain point and the things that used to work no longer do – that’s an inflection point. Failure to change at these points causes your business to lose momentum and even die. The challenge is that with each point and level of scale, everything changes.

Across every industry and in every American city are young companies on the verge of massive growth. Led by founders, backed by investors, these growth-stage companies are ready to hit the accelerator and dramatically scale. Yet, there’s no one by their side with proven and distinct portfolio operations skill set to address the unique needs of these emerging companies.

Most young companies spend all their time in product design and business strategy. Between the daily grind of building and testing technology, preparing for funding pitches and raising money, most emerging companies don’t spend time designing the organizations they need at key inflection points such as revenue milestones, major partnership with a customer, new product releases.

VOLD INC has a simple focus – creating a significant, measurable inflection point that increases the valuation of portfolio companies. It is simple, but it is big.  We do this by addressing two universal needs all growth-stage companies face: hiring better talent and develop greater operational expertise. And we do it through real work, not useless binders full of recommendations.  We deliver operational value to investors’ portfolio companies.




We help organizations understand that scaling up, while it is about getting bigger, it is not really about MORE.

At VOLD INC, we know that scaling is really a problem of less. It’s about knowing what to scrap and how to spread excellence in a nimble, repeatable way.

We deliver confidence and capability to startups at scale and do it in a way that strips away the naiveté that can mean disaster for emerging companies. 

We develop strategies that further our client companies’ business objectives.

We create discipline and rigor to support people-centric cultures that drive valuation.

We stand alongside founders and CEOs to figure out roles, measure performance and identify gaps.

We protect and grow the investment of owners.

We coach, mentor and support leaders during the pivotal moments of their business.


We tailor solutions specifically to impact the unique opportunities and challenges of young companies.

Scaling Experts, Valuation Accelerators

Who hires VOLD INC? Smart investors who understand that the scale-up process is not for the faint of heart, and that the best value-added services they can offer their portfolio companies are services that make a difference. Great investors provide far more than capital ― they provide operational guidance that translates to remarkable results.

VOLD INC works as advisors, interim leaders and trusted partners to companies looking to increase their valuation quickly. We are hired by venture capital firms, private equity firms and individual investors, then we roll up our sleeves to do real work with founders, board members, owners and leaders throughout the startup ecosystem.

We address the complex and delicate issues around scaling growth to reduce investment risks. 

We are exactly what most growth-stage companies need but don’t know to go looking for ― we are scaling experts and valuation accelerators.

70% of startups failed on ground of premature scaling
— Startup Genome Report



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