Helping fast-growing tech companies

quickly mature


Mimi Vold

Founder & CEO

All fast-growing tech companies experience growing pains. Much of the time feels like a constant struggle to acquire customers, raise money, recruit others to join your company and convince existing team to stick with you – despite long hours and setbacks. This is a typical scenario of many growing tech companies. Depending on their growth plan or funding stage, when they are post Series A round and beyond product development stage, they enter the build-out stage.

At this stage, it is about taking the business to the next level, to scale up the organization, to build sustainable scale at pace, to recruit and bulk up sales, tech, support, and other dimensions of the business.

It is at this build-stage that growing companies face a set of unique organizational challenges – none of which they have the core competency to tackle:

  • Inflection points expose organizational debt – they don’t know how to recognize or fix

  • Management and leadership skill gaps – unable to support business needs

  • No talent strategy planning - leads to overstaffing

  • They haven’t established the right People function or focus

These organizational challenges require a fresh look and approach.

This is our specialty.

We create and implement customized people focus to fit each of our client’s unique needs.



Area of Practice

Fresh look – Assess current capability against growth plan to identify gap. You receive a real-time tactical and strategic action plan to know what to pursue and how fast.

Design and execution – We meet you where you are. Work alongside to execute a series of proportional changes – real time. You receive fully operational new capabilities.

Ad-hoc advisory services – Extra horsepower to reach a specific milestone or get through thorny issues. We will focus on your toughest issues through daily or weekly engagements.

Who We Help

  • Fast-growing tech companies with 10M+ in revenue

  • Growth-mode, rapid-hiring

  • Build-stage

  • Founder-led + founding team

  • 50+ employees

Our service model is immersive and designed for founder-led growing tech organizations.

What used to work doesn’t quite work when a company scales up past 100 people.



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